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Deployment and delivery starts with an in-depth research that recognizes the complex relationship between diverse stakeholders; demanding an integrated approach. studioNUM combines traditional urban planning research methods (density, demographics, infrastructure) with opportunities presented by information communication technology (ICT-use; hardware, software and services). Our research methods grapple urban regions to combine a technical analysis, user experience surveys and interactive events to reveal and ultimately enhance existing networks and work cultures.


Drawing on our specific research for your region NUM's emphasis on interface is ease of use: both in terms of an intuitive set of buttons and functions, as well as how quick or even automated the upkeep of new data and profiling can be. Interface design should be matched by process design that shortens the learning curve for new users and supports the application life-cycle for existing users.


An interface will be more than BI or a set of social media functionalities for mobile and desktop - it will be intergrated into the physical world, become an interactive information sign, a large wall sized screen and or be developed in a series of smart buildings. StudioNUM embraces the new frontier for material and immaterial architecture in the information age as an economic motor and forum for culture.

'Gravitating information to the right place and time'
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