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           New Urban Methodologies / Area Intelligence:

Our goals are efficiency and transparency for urban regions to support mid-sized areas, cities and their perspectives for development.

Our technique is both infrastructure and interface - installing a regional wifi mesh intranet and customizing an interface for both business intelligence and social media functionalities to strengthen local resources and opportunities.

Our strategy is to work with local municipalities in combination with existing business and social networks to build a relevant and commercially sustainable intranet.

Design and deploy applications that reduce municipal costs and speed the services need by citizens and businesses.


• Customized solutions that enhance your cities comparative advantages

• Infrastructure that enables smart city development

• Infrastructure and interface that reduces the costs of several city services

• Empowers citizens to 'easily' take an active role in their communities, both in terms of business and social activities

• Strong emphasis on business sustainability and short term ROI

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'Gravitating information to the right place and time'
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